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ODMÉ Story

"It has always been my dream to open a candle shop near the ocean when I retire. It would also have very good coffee in the mornings, and serve delicious wines at night. In 2020, I made the candle part of this dream come true 35 years early from my NYC apartment."

- Cassandra, ODMÉ Founder + Maker

ODMÉ Founder, Cassandra Ziegler

April 2020, the heart of the COVID-19 pandemic in New York City, I sat in my apartment dreaming of the smell of fresh garden produce and crisp outdoor air. I was searching for a reprieve from being indoors for almost an entire month straight.

As a child one of my first memories is of a lit candle in our family living room. I remember being dazzled by the flickering flame and engulfed with the honeysuckle fragrance. Since that moment I have been in love with candles, so much so that every place I have lived has had a dedicated shelf/closet to my candle collection. In 2020, like many around the world, I realized just how short life can be and that I shouldn't wait for another 30+ years to try to make my dream a reality.

After 5 months of extensive research, sourcing, and testing I launched ODMÉ Candle Co. at the end of October 2020. 

"ODMÉ" is a version of an old Greek word translating to of or relating to the sense of smell. It is the perfect encapsulation of all the things I hope ODMÉ will grow to become, always with the sense of smell front and center. I hope you'll join me on this journey as I create scents inspired by my travel experiences in 35 countries (so far) and the many cultures, peoples, foods, and special moments that make every day a day to be curious.

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